About Us

According to Gartner “transforming into a (truly) digital business is the number one priority of most organisations. However, a digital business cannot exist without data & analytics. If an organization struggles with digital transformation, perhaps they haven’t given enough thought to data and the potential for valuable insights”.

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Our Services

Quantum Leap offers a full portfolio of FDA compliance consulting, regulatory, and science and technology capabilities to deliver measurable results for clients as they prevent and resolve compliance problems and develop new products for regulatory submission and approval by regulatory agencies. Moreover, are we providing data strategy & information management consulting services in the areas of data management, digital transformation, data governance & integrity, audits and assessments.

Process Excellence & People

The last few decades have seen organizations adopt a host of different ...

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Data Management & Analytics

Data management means making sure your people have the accurate and timely data they need, ...

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Systems & Connectivity

The convergence of physical and digital systems in a smart company enables real-time interoperability.

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Recent News


Data Integrity Master Plan including maturity model is in demand

December 2, 2021

The Quantum Leap developed blueprint for data management, governance and integrity ...

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Data Vulnerability Model (9-Box) was augmented

December 2, 2021

Quantum Leap’s data vulnerability model is confronting data criticality and data handling capabilities.

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